WATSA Conference

February 2017

#digitaldeviance (Handouts)


Further Readings

Cyberoffender Bibliography

Cybersex Unplugged Workbook

Cybersex Unhooked (free workbook)

Internet Sex Offenders (Seto)

Filtering and Monitoring Info (Behun, et.al., 2012)

Child Abuse Material Instrument (CAMI) Article

Acceptable Use Policy Article

Sexting Typologies Article

Sexting Trends Article

Wolak, Mitchell, & Finkelhor Data (2005)

Sexting Articles (Wolak, et.al)

SMART Report on Assessment/Implementation

Risks / Needs / Responsivity Article

Lanning Article Abstract/Reference

Rehabilitating Sex Offenders (Marshall)

Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity Journal

Sexual Abuse Journal (ATSA)

What's the Big Deal about Pornography (Manning)

Seven Desires of Every Heart (Laasers)

Sexual Deviance (Laws)

Relapse Prevention (Laws)

Hypersexual Behavior Index (Article)

Pornography Consumption Index (Article)

Consequences of Hypersexual Disorder (Article)

CPORT Risk Assessment Article (Seto)

CPORT Scoring Guide and Manual (Seto)

Child Pornography Meta-Analysis (Babchishin)

Contact Offenders and Child Pornography (Seto)

Child Pornography as an Indicator of Pedophilia (Seto)

Child Pornography and Hypersexuality (Klein)

Do Low Risk Offenders Need Treatment? (Wakeling)

Chat Room Offenders (Briggs)

Child Pornography Consumption Moderators (Ray)

Contact versus Child Pornography Offendes (McManus)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (Levinson)



Cybersex Resource Kit CD

Internet Sex Screening Test

Internet Assessment (Quickscreen)

Internet Assessment (Adolescent Version)

Child Abuse Material Inventory (CAMI)

Garos Sexual Behavior Inventory

Hypersexual Behavior Index

Pornography Consumption Index

Hypersexual Behavior Consequences Scale

Internet Health Plan

Internet Health Plan Directions

Life Egg Exercise w/Instructions

Hermes Web Instructions

Hermes Web 101 (video)

Hermes Web Basics (video)

Hermes Web Additional Concepts (video)

Seven Desires of the Heart

Sexual Fantasy Iceberg

Child Pornography Map

Geese Theatre Handbook

Therapy Games

Sex Addiction Screening Test

Stages of Change Illustration

CSAI Word Web

Therapeutic Images


Resources / Websites

Hermes Web Resources

Virtuous Pedophiles

Before You Act

Palouse Mindfulness

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

U.S. Sentencing Commission Report

Dr. John Suler's Psychology of Cyberspace

Crimes Against Children Research Center (Finkelhor)

Stop it Now! - Self Help

CROGA Child Pornography - Self Help

Spector Software


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