Evaluation and Treatment:

Internet Behavior Consulting can provide a variety of assessment and treatment services. Helping professionals may need an evaluation conducted on an individual for legal or treatment/referral purposes. Individuals and families may also use IBC assessment services to determine the extent of an existing problem. IBC also offers intensive treatment workshops (3-5 days) at various locations across the country. IBC faculty is also equipped to conduct "Intervention" services in cases where an individual experiences significant consequences, but continues to deny the problem. Contact IBC to determine if our services match your assessment, evaluation, and treatment needs.

Listed below are some of the common assessment, evaluation, and treatment services that IBC offers at various locations across the country.


  • In-Depth, Structured Clinical Interview
  • Complete Battery of Psychological Testing
  • Battery of Internet Behavior Testing (e.g., Internet Sex Screening Test)
  • Psychiatric History and Medication Evaluation
  • Trauma Evaluation
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Workplace issues (impaired professionals, re-entry, etc.)
  • Polygraph Testing (if indicated)
  • Plethysmograph / Abel Screen (if indicated)
  • Review of Collateral Information (e.g., family, employer, etc.)
  • Written Report of Results and Recommendations of Evaluation

Intensive Treatment Services:

    Intensive Treatment Services are typically provided between 2 to 5 days depending on the needs of the client. They may be run individually or in groups. These services may include:

  • A Variety of Psychoeducational Modules
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Family of Origin Work
  • Inclusion of Family Members (if indicated)
  • Trauma Resolution Issues
  • Spiritual Guidance and Direction (if indicated)
  • Workplace re-entry plan
  • Referral Services to Nationwide List of Primary Therapists
  • Connections to Group Therapy, Support Groups, and/or 12-Step Meetings
  • Written Recommendations for Continued Treatment Plan

Intervention Services:

Intervention services may be indicated in cases where an individual experiences significant life consequences as a result of his or her Internet use (e.g., loss of job, family, opportunities, etc.), but continues to pursue the behavior and deny the urgency of the problem.

Intervention is three stage process:

Assessment - This stage typically lasts 5 - 7 days and includes (a) interviews with family members, close friends, colleagues, etc., (b) the development of an intervention plan including the appropriate steps to ensure the intervention is successful, and (c) the development of potential treatment options that will be posed to the individual.

Intervention - This is a process of confrontation in which the individual is urged to embark on an immediate course of treatment. The intervention is designed to be loving and supportive, but firm. The intervention may involve family, friends, colleagues, therapists, and the interventionist. The interventionist often accompanies the individual to a residential or intensive treatment facility.

Case Management - The interventionists assist in this stage by facilitating admission to a residential treatment facility or other form of treatment. The interventionist also helps to develop treatment plans and manage intensive treatment, and assists in follow-up and aftercare plans when the intensive treatment is complete.