Keeping Kids Safe Online


Parent Presentation Handouts


Further Readings

Youth's Online Behaviors (I. Berson)

Kids Online - Five Years Later (Wolak, 2005)

Online Predators: Myths & Realties (Wolak, 2008)

Acceptable Use Development Article for Families

Crimes Against Children New Releases / Reports

What's the Big Deal about Pornography? (for teens)

Why Do They Act That Way? (Walsh)

Cyber Safe Kids / Cyber Saavy Teens (Willard)

Cyber Rules: What you Really Need to Know about the Internet

Things you Didn't Know about Porn (YouTube)

Trends in Sexting (Finkelhor)

Teens and Social Media

Computer Security and Safety Tips (Thanks Amelia!)



Filtering / Monitoring Resources

USB Data Loggers

Back2Life - File Undeleter

Keylogger - to record all keystrokes

Spector Software $$

Acceptable Use Worksheet

No Slang Website

Internet Safety Curricula

Tips for Adolescents Online

Tips for Younger Kids Online

Risk Behavior Checklist

Places for Parents to Check Out (online friends/profile) (Second Life Software) (peer to peer) (online webcam) (random webcam) (newsgroup style)


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