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Internet Behavior Consulting (IBC) is committed to furthering the understanding, assessment, and intervention for problematic Internet behaviors. IBC accomplishes this goal through research, training, and consultation within a variety of settings. Seven years ago Dr. Delmonico & Elizabeth Griffin began consulting with various audiences regarding online behavior. As a result of an increasing need for their services, Internet Behavior Consulting was officially established in 2003.
Directors David Delmonico and Elizabeth Griffin have over 25 years combined experience working with addictive, compulsive, and offense behaviors, both online and offline. IBC consultants and faculty are comprised of experts with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, including clergy, law enforcement, interventionists, and others. IBC faculty assists companies, churches, schools, law enforcement, as well as individuals and families in the recognition and interruption of problematic Internet behaviors.

Feel free to explore the various resources and opportunities available on this website. If you are interested in discussing further how IBC can assist you, please contact us so we may discuss the matter personally.