Cyber-Offense Resource Repository

compiled by

Elizabeth Griffin & David Delmonico


Articles / Books

Bibliography (updated 10/2011)

Sexual Abuse Special Issue (2011)

Wolak, Mitchell, & Finkelhor Data (2005)

Trends in Arrest Data (Finkelhor, 2009)

Court Appeal for Sentence Reduction

Beyond Tolerance (Jenkins)

Child Pornography: An Internet Crime

Online Sex Offending Assessment and Treatment
(Chapter in Sexual Deviance Text)

Sex Offenders Online: What Clinicians Need to Know
(Chapter in The Sex Offender Volume 5)

Criminal Histories and Later Offending (Seto)

Child Pornography Offenses and Pedophilia (Seto)

Butner Study Redux

Characteristics of Internet Child Pornography Offenders

Risk Assessment in Child Pornography Cases (Witt)

The Consumption of Internet Child Pornography (Endrass)

Cognitive Disortions of Cyberoffenders (Delong)

Classification of Cyberoffenders (Hundersmark)

Russell House Publishing


CROGA Child Pornography - Clients & Professionals

Field Search - Software for Computer Searching

Spector Software

Impulse Control Software Website

Dr. John Suler's Psychology of Cyberspace

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Places to Know About (IRC Information)

What is Second Life

About Skype

Paltalk Videoconferencing



Assessment & Treatment Resources

Only Pictures - Child Pornography Workbook

Sex Offender Computer Disclsoure Form

Internet Sex Screening Test

Internet Assessment (Quickscreen)

Internet Health Plan

Internet Health Plan Instructions



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